Why celebrate women’s day?

The world around us is full of congratulatory messages on women’s day , with the regular fanfare and assault on our senses with flowery messages and symbolic gestures. How is this not another opportunity for crass commercialisation and marketing gimmicks like Valentines day ?

The day which started as a day of defiance at a time when women actually fought for their rights, we have come to the age of online sales , and every possible outlet trying to outdo each other with deranged messaging and service offering alogwith TV reruns of soap operas. Bravo ! i must say, because i say we have brought this upon ourselves to a very large extent , when we chose to not defend whats ours.

And the same men who are the first ones to send those symbolic flowery messages on social media will also be the ones to have a perpetual rating system for women. Those who don’t allow their daughter and their wives to step out without being properly dressed ?

And why am i so sarcastic ? Aren’t we supposed to celebrate our freedom at every possible opportunity ? No , i am exhausted of this . We celebrate nothingness in the garb of women’s day and get on with our mundane lives like it doesn’t matter. But my dears of the same kind, if we don’t fight for ourselves who will?

Ever thought life is like a revolving door of unpleasant choices, when we can fight for humanity , equality , education and better access to health services without making political statements and trying to belittle other women , that would be a successful celebration.

And what will i be doing till such time , ofcors using the insane online discounts to celebrate women’s day and stock up my wardrobe for the summer , i ain’t an idiot after all !


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