My review of Personal Branding, Storytelling and beyond

I am a self-confessed bookworm with an unhealthy love for classics, literature, and new age philosophy. So it was interesting for me to veer away from the regular and pick up a book called Personal branding, Storytelling and beyond by Dr. Amit Nagpal and Dr. Prakash Hindustani. A subject very close to my heart, but also one that attracts attention because there is not enough sensible writing for the digital age.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an executive sometimes we are so caught up in the mundane that, it becomes difficult for us to focus on how we project ourselves, what others are looking at, when they see and how to scale those big walls created by perception which we are constantly creating and fuelling by our behaviour .

The approach to the subject matter is very unique and very well delivered in this book. With logically broken down sections on Personal branding and how can one make a difference using social media and various platforms available in detail. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, neither are you the sum total of you social media handles and a bunch of collective ids. In this book, we learn the importance of personal branding how storytelling is different from our sales pitch.

The book draws on personal experiences of the authors and some of the anecdotes are really funny, from advising a CXO to read a romance novel to the quirky illustrations and conversational blurbs. Overall a superb read, with an effortless lesson to be learned. after all isn’t it all about stories that we tell!


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