A Sunny winter day in the park

What’s a good way to start a new year  Some would definitely say party all night and sleep through the rest of next day, but if you have indulged in this sort of revelry you would know that it comes with its own set of warning signs.

I unwittingly ended up doing something that I had not done in a few years, due to some strange reason. I went to a park for a picnic. Well, ain’t that fun and old people like? But before you write me off as a crazy person, hear me out.

We have been having an exceptionally dull winter here. The sun is always out, it’s bright and sunny. What a good day to not stay indoors. Although no doubt I do miss the cloudy bone chilling winter mornings and the depression that they can bring along.

So coming back to the picnic, I decided to join a few friends in the city biggest park for a day of sunshine, food out of a box and some childlike games. And let me tell you, it was great fun. Being grown up is good, but it’s exhausting killing the inner child all the time and not jump in happiness everytime you win some ridiculous game. That’s exactly what today brought for me.

For a couple of hours this morning, I was just another person playing silly games, eating a whole lot of unhealthy food and not caring about other people who were there. So if you are wondering what was the big deal about today? Lemme tell you, in my world, we don’t do picnics. Period . We do sophisticated bunches and barbecue parties. Never in a public park not with so many people. And not potluck . The best part about today was the assortment of food that people brought.

And while I was there another thing hit me. So many people were there but it’s only the kids who had fun. The place was full of school children, young lovers, old couples basically anyone and everyone who could come to that place. We also drew a lot of glances from couple of people and those occasional selfie obsessed youngsters , for disturbing the scene.

I learned a very important lesson today. Life is quite like sun itself, sometimes dull occasionally  bright enough to burn and leave a mark , but always there. My advice: for a few hours do the unexpected , step out , go for that walk and be among strangers. It will refresh you and even might give you a new perspective. Even if it doesn’t bring a Eureka moment , what harm can a few hours of winter sun can do ? So yeah ! go ahead and enjoy!


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