My 2016 roundup and 2017 wishlist


So with another new year coming in we are being served with a 2016 rounds and predictions for 2017, ranging from lifestyle wellness to romance and relationships and offers everyone’s favorite flogging horse technology !!!!

So in the same spirit I also decided to concoct my own list of random thought that I wish had gone better in 2016 and what I wish 2017 will bring for me. And at the very outset  iIwould like to state that I intend to not hurt anyone’s feelings and religious sentiments. This a global contemporary list and I give everyone I meet the same look of derision .

So to begin with

An Internet connection that really works: Come on people, we are already discussing 5G and in my house, even the bloody 3G doesn’t work. My internet is sometimes slower than a wounded tired snail trying to cross the Kalahari desert. In a world where 100 Mbps connections are advertised I wish my own would work at least the promised speed, so that I can do away with the damn buffering in the middle of my Netflix binge watch.

Having a life plan: Yes like that works out every time. I can’t even plan a lunch over the weekend , and you expect me to chart my life out , document it and circulate the same. No gonna happen pal .. not in the near future . Though trust me this is  not for lack of trying , Its just that god works in mysterious ways and at if this point you would like to disagree , let me jog your memory to this sunday 25th . The day before was nice and sunny , the day after was better, but Christmas day was all cold and foggy and wet. Now you decide for yourself.

More Netflix less TV: I think no actually I am sure every time i spend time watching hindi soaps my IQ drops 10 points and i can actually feel it. The insanity has to stop but since i do not have the power to change it , i will do the next best thing which is to ignore it and explore alternatives from web series to amazon prime video.

Jarvis finally coming: If you have not really crawled back out from under a rock, you should have watched the latest video by Mark Z featuring his cool home assistant Jarvis a direct offtake from the Iron man Series, but well am not complaining. Despite the fact that i found the video slightly creepy i think it’s really cool to have someone get you the perfect toast, if nothing else. So how long before this come along? Let’s hope my internet connection is better by that time else I may have overdone toast.

Less demonetisation drama: If I were, to sum up the whole drama, a whole lot of cash was sucked out of the system, in what still seems to be an unclear move. After the initial euphoria died down, it still left a hell lot of people standing in queues. With the promise of better tomorrow i really do hope this year brings shorter lines the ATM and less chaos otherwise and maybe a little bit more sensibility towards digital economy.


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