3 things i wish someone told me , before i turned an Entrepreneur

Are you clicking around the web from post to post hoping to learn enough to build a business?

Here’s something I wish someone would have told me about how to learn online:

Take action. Don’t be a spectator. Define a small project you can do in a short time frame and get it done! (We call these MVPs. More on this below.)

Understand the business creation process. Learn only the stuff relevant to the action you need to take right now.

Don’t do it alone. Feedback and accountability may just be single greatest investment you can make in your project.

So here is a bit of detail on the above.


 I spent so much time reading. Oh my lord, I loved it. Click here, subscribe there, get this book, subscribe to that podcast… I was learning, baby!

But, when I look back, I spent way too much time in “spectator mode.” I wish I would have invested some of that time in ACTION — actually getting stuff done.

The truth about taking action is this: it’s scary. To put something out in the world is to stick your neck out… and when we stick our necks out we’re vulnerable, we can get hurt.

So, for me (and maybe for you as well), it was easier to keep learning, pretending I was getting closer to my goal of freedom and creative independence… when I was really just fiddling with myself.

If I could go back in time I’d teach myself to take action earlier. I’d teach myself about Minimum Viable Products, and I’d pick one for myself to do on a deadline.


It’s scary to take action when you don’t know where you are or what’s next.

I spent so much time reading because I didn’t know where I was or which were the right actions to take.

HOWEVER, It’s actually pretty easy to take action when you know and trust where you are in the business creation process.

For instance:

1 ——– 2 ——– 3 ——– 4 ——– 5

Focus on step one. When that’s done, lets talk about step 2.

When you know you’re on step one, the only question that concerns learning is: what do you need to know to really nail step one?

That’s so much easier, right!?

But most of the info I was getting on the web was all over the place — sometimes for beginners, sometimes for businesses much further along.

Here’s the rub: because I was new to business I couldn’t tell the difference between beginner and advanced stuff!

I should have been learning early stage stuff and taking action, but INSTEAD I was learning all sorts of crap that wasted my time.

Of course it’s hard to take action when you don’t know what stage of learning you’re in.

You’re just, kind of, rummaging around in the dark trying to find things that make sense.

Now, contrast that with having a solid understanding of the entire process and then taking a short, focused, action oriented course ONLY on your current business stage.

You’d make real progress much faster, wouldn’t you?

And this is a very real question:

If you could take real action and make a real business in the next several months, would you try? Or would you rather keep clicking around and reading stuff?

It’s an honest question. There were times I didn’t feel ready to get my hands into real work. It felt almost dangerous and at the very least scary.

I think there’s a time for that.

When I was starting out I felt like I had to know everything before I could do anything. This feeling kept me from the actions I needed to take.

You don’t need to know everything all at once.

But you do need to have an overview of the entire process.

  1. Don’t do it alone.

Until unless you are on a mission to build the worlds most secret product like a diet pill ( i would personally come and thank you , if u did , BTW ) you cannot and should not be trying to do it on your own.

Join a forum , attend a workshop , be a regular at a meetup if you feel like it , but never stop interacting with people. You will end up creating a network of people who are very happy to help you in getting your idea streamlined . You never know what it will turn into.


There’s the 3 things I wish someone would have taught me when I was spending too much time in spectator mode:

Don’t be afraid to take action.

Understand the WHOLE process.

Don’t do it alone.


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