Why Hakuna Matata may be the sanest advice you’ve received all day !!

Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 9.48.19 AM

No don’t worry , this is not Monday morning brain freeze talking. So where did this come from , u ask ? Did I again spend all night watching Lion King trilogy , when I should have been sleeping like most other people do ? Although , I very firmly believe that if you are willing enough u don’t need to look very far off to find the right lessons , this is not a discussion on that.

So coming back , Hakuna Matata . This comes in play when Simba is confused and upset . My problems are bigger and cant be solved by a song , u say ? Are they ? Imagine the worst case scenario , now think to yourself are you making it worse by going around in circles ? Wont it be better , if you take a deep breath regroup and recalibrate in a bit. It never helps to look at a problem obsessively , from the same angle. Sometimes it is important to step away and take a fresh look from a different viewing point.

And well , the most compelling argument that I can throw this way is ofcors , that happy people are more attractive . Ummm , alright so let me do a 21st century adaptation for the same . People who can fake happiness to a certain degree are better off than the silently brooding , growling types.

But well last but not the least important of the argument . Happy people make better managers , they have more friends and they make better employees too. Don’t we all want to talk to the one person , who doesn’t growl and give us a feeling that he will bite our head off in response to a good morning ? Yeah !!! so in that get happy … Sing or rather do a mumble jumble version in your head of Hakuna Matata , walk like Timon and now get back to work , because that report which you were supposed to turn in by Friday and haven’t started yet , wont get made on its own .

Stay happy folks and a very happy work week !!


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