Social Activism and digital innovation

Ever wondered what’s your worldview??   Do you want to change the world, create a company,  find a solution for the hunger crisis in Africa,  discover cure for the incurable diseases or so on and so forth.

You are not alone. Activism is on the rise.  Every few days their is a new fundraising effort by someone on one of the crowdsourcing platform,  or a new petition on or even someone trying to achieve something by bringing a problem to our attention by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. This my dear friend is social activism, Channelling people power using social media.

My Facebook time line is full of people sharing social messages or sending forwards.  But what does it all mean?  Does it mean everything is effective and impactful?  Sadly No.  We are moved by emotions and it fits well in carving a certain image.

Social media is a platform to connect and share with a vast population,  who may or may not share your idea,  but will definitely come to help you if approached correctly.  But this is not a post to discuss how to crack that code.
A few days back I read an article that shared an effort by two young guys in sharing free WiFi in three remote villages in the state of Madhya Pradesh.  Reading and learning from their experiences is a true social activism.

Maybe the world can do without the next upgrade on candy crush saga or hordes of people watering and feeding their imaginary plants in Farmville.  What we may not be able to survive without is a newer and sustainable source of renewable energy,  or finding a cleaner source of drinking water.

The next wave of innovation will have to come from not large corporations but from individuals,  using digital , using every day technology,  available in our homes which is sustainable and not capital intensive.

So am  all for social activism for a reason.  Share away and flood the timelines.


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