Doing business in a Scale as you Go Economy !

India keeps getting  voted as the hotbed of Startups , and i think rightfully so . If you visit as many coffee shops as i do , you will see enough entrepreneur types ( yes there is a kind ! ) , frantically typing away at their keyboards , sitting with their latte’s and a handy lot of paper napkins to work on any business plan 🙂 . Am not judging anyone here as even i do a lot of my calculations and drawings on napkins of various shapes and sizes. Leaving that aside , have you ever wondered why this sudden switch to be the one to change the world ?

A lot of factors have contributed to the sudden rise of small businesses and undeniably the governments effort to provide ease of business has also worked in favor of the same. But it is not just new businesses which are bringing in newer and better business processes , a lot of traditional businesses are also harnessing technology to get at par with their global counterparts.

Typically if one looks at it, IT has also been a very prohibitive cost and a the complexity of it , used to deter even the biggest and the bravest of them all. Not so much any more. If one has to seriously evaluate options lets see where will we head.

With the rise and rise of innovative hardware , desktops and even laptops are becoming increasingly redundant for a increasingly high number of business functions. They are being replaced by tablets and other such hybrid devices. That’s one side of it. If one analyses the cost of IT infra , the dynamics have changed considerably over the last few years. Now its no longer necessary for one to look at buying and investing in setting up a data centre or even a basic server , storage and backup Solution.

Largely the need to buy has been replaced by shared service providers who offer a large number of cloud based offerings for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. For example Google for business has a starter pack for SMB’s which offers a mailing solution , basic docs , sheets applications which makes sharing ideas in a team very easy. Not just availability , these are pay as you go solutions which provide options to downgrade and upgrade a plan at any given point in time . So they are not only available to work literally out of the box , u can set up and scale as you go. Similarly for major business functions , one has Payroll , Sales , CRM , Operations and Inventory management solutions which works easily  in a smaller or a larger scale organisation available from various vendors which specialize in a

With DataCenters offering economies of scale , its easier than ever to use a AWS or a even home bred CtrlS for hosting apps , testing etc and traditional formats like data storage and back up service. Even in a larger company with a major part of the IT function no longer focussing on maintenance of existing resources its becoming easier to focus on new age solutions and applications for improved efficiency and efficacy in various processes.

So welcome to 2016 , where your competition is Global , your solution will be hyper local but you may end up using a combination of global and local resources. Chase the wild idea , the time is now for all !

May the force be with you !







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