What will 2016 bring for the Digital World

While the whole world is busy planning how to bring in 2016 , I am lazy enough to sit at home , tucked inside a blanket and share my prediction for what I think will typically drive the business in the new year and what could be the Game Changer .

  1. Analytics in Marketing: I think the all the discussion around how important is analytics will reach its conclusion . All the investments in Analytics will pay off and Organizations can reap the benefits of adapting analytics platforms and integration with other marketing and measurement systems. With improved measurement platforms, one can expect to see renewed focus on cross-channel tracking, multi-touch attribution, real-time and predictive analytics.
  2. Experience is Prime : With a number of major updates last year Google has made sure that websites that drive and impact customer interaction will do better. This trend will only become more apparent as websites with a well-designed interface and thoughtful navigation will outrank sites with similar domain authority. A quality user experience will also factor in multi-screen user access via responsive design.
  3. Influencer Marketing : As the economy strengthens, brands will look for new growth opportunities. Greater technology sophistication along with lower cost, will allow even smaller organizations target new markets cost-effectively. Smart brands will invest significant marketing resources and dollars to tap new and emerging markets and will also figure out newer ways to reac their target audience . This means moving away from typical A-list celebrities and looking for people with clout within a certain specific community. This will create more cost effective promotion channels.
  4.  Manufacturing as a Service : We’ve heard about 3D printing, but do you know where to get something 3D printed or what kind of things you want 3D printed? In 2016, hopefully we will see some key players offering manufacturing as a service. If you want something replicated, or you want to create your own awesome iPhone case, you’ll know exactly which company offers a 3D printing solution.
  1. We are all Equal Digitally :How a company is perceived online, it’s online reputation, and it’s digital assets such as Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, etc. are becoming more and more important. Having a solid digital footprint will become a greater part of evaluations for companies during mergers and acquisitions and the like.Every company should be thinking about what their digital equity looks like in 2016.
  1. Living with Siri and Cortona. Intelligent assistants like Siri and Cortana allow Windows and Apple phone users to speak directly to their devices in order to operate their applications and search online. How consumers verbally communicate significantly varies from how individuals type out search queries. Because of this variation in behavior, you will begin to see more long-tail keyword queries; this will allow you to create much more accurate and intelligent key phrase strategies, since more granular data will be available around consumer behavior.

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