What’s wrong with Amazon’s #KyaPehnu ?

Ever since #Amazon India rolled out its new campaign for #Amazon Fashion , i am in love with it . The catchy tune and the on dot visuals , addresses the dilemma of what to wear , and match it with an occasion. Sounds like a brief well delivered . Then why will i write about it , u ask ? Don’t we have enough people writing about it already.

Well you have to give it to Amazon India and their marketing folks for coming up with pretty catchy and precise marketing themes . From #AurDikhao to the latest #kyaPehnu ?

But Dear Amazon , before you got my hopes up as being answer to my prayers and deluge , don’t you think you should have atleast had a decent selection of brands to choose from ? Your current selection is understandably not a match on my favorite Jabong and Myntra but really , you are behind Flipkart also. Given that you have gone to such great lengths , to establish yourself in all the other categories and finally decided to conquer fashion too .. get your game in the head and have your category manager work harder to get a decent selection .

Look at Jabong for that matter. They have been busting their backsides to get some of the best brands to the country . Wether it is Dorothy Perkins , Miss Selfridge , River Island or Topshop , some of the top British fashion brands , which are available. Special points to Myntra for getting Marks and Spencer on board .

We take our fashion very seriously . So despite the fact that amazon has managed to get some of the budget or Unknown brands in the range on board the Premium and aspirational brands are still missing. what is available instead is a mediocre assortment of some low-mid range brands. What i expected from Amazon was to get some great international Brands as exclusive for India and then launch a campaign like this. Fashion as a category is serious and Curation will need a lot of work.

Otherwise i will end up asking ..ye sab toh theek heh , lekin #KyaPehnu ?? In all this.



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