The “App” way of life !

Do u have an App for everything these days ? What ?? You don’t? Lets cart you of to Mars in that case .. and while am doing that , maybe i can track how many glasses of water i had , how many steps i took , how many floors i climbed ..Thank you fitbit ! and also catch up on the latest news , read the motivational quote from my favorite group and catch up on some work too.

Now do you get it? The ever changing technological landscape keeps throwing new challenges our way and even newer ways to solve all of it. Having an App is definitely a convenient way to lock the customer interest. As a Marketer App have a two pronged interest for me. They help me track various projects that i am running , so productivity apps and the other dimension is that if a customer downloads one of my App for his use.

So lets take a look at the first category of Applications . There is a reason why the world is embracing everything app driven .In the last few years our lives have shrunk into the screens of our devices . So whether it is keeping track of your fitness , Education , Transport , food , medical needs , vehicle service , News , Weather etc , there are multiple apps for all of this. You get a notification when there is a new political development , new offer , or simply when its time for you to have another glass of water 🙂 well very important again.

With Internet of things becoming a reality rather than stuff of which we make those Keanu Reeves movies , It seems like a good idea too . We have more connected devices , from television to phones to refrigerators to cars and smart homes too . But how is this impacting everything that we do ?? We see an increasing number of people using a myriad of devices to help them be more efficient and effective . for example , A typical sales person now carry all his catalogues , product information , order books digitally and does all his reporting in form of some e-communication.

Apps are proving to be extremely useful whether its healthcare applications like patient monitoring ,scheduling appointments to even medicine delivery and from there to production intensive environments where they are being used to check and align better for assembly lines .

But this brings us to the next big question. So even if creating an App is a good idea , why do only a few apps do well and rest of them are lost in various folders and eventually discarded . Only those App which we have to use out of sheer helplessness , like in some cases business productivity apps or in my case the e-rail app , which hangs but eventually tells me how late the train is .

Otherwise the most frequently used app are the ones which have been developed with some basic thought given to the UI as well apart from the functional information that it is supposed to provide. A lot of research now goes into making the apps more and more engaging and interesting so that it can reside on the premium real estate of a customer device. Here also , customer engagement becomes critical . Whether its by creating gaming interfaces and UI or by engaging and informative content.

So wrapping it up , get a app if you don’t have one already and make sure its fun and engaging in an non intrusive way . And get roaring !!!!







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