Nine Pins , A Curved Ball and a Strategist

The biggest conundrum these days which a small business face is how to utilize social media for optimized marketing returns . Sadly It does not help to read stories of overnight success and all the internet article’s which promises 1000% growth in the blink of an eye. Yeah right ! and I can also make a time machine , bundle it with a supersonic space craft make a gazillion dollars , and all this while sitting here is my PJ’s.

Hmmm , so now that we have the sarcasm out of the way , lets get down to the business of dissecting , what a successful online marketing effort will look like ?

Starting with the very basic question here – Do you need a website for your business or not ? Simple answer , Yes , You do . How can you ignore to have a website ? But its not just enough to buy a domain and stake your claim on the cyberspace . Lets get it right. Your website is your calling card to the world. Treat it with more respect . Don’t turn it into an online catalogue. Way too many times , I come across websites with old , redundant content and dead links. Somehow once a site has been done , it just doesn’t seem like a priority to fix anything anymore. A website is your introduction to he world .So simple advice keep it up to date and clean.

Next Question SEO optimized ? Mobile Optimised ? Sorry that’s two questions . Given the penetration of mobile devices , and the fact that a smartphone is a primary go to medium , so Yes , it has to be mobile optimized .

Now lets tackle the pink elephant in the room . SEO . SEO is a part of larger effort of SEM . But now here I differ from majority of marketers . Sometimes given the larger business priority , its alright to bump down SEO in the priority . In an Ideal world , everything will happen at the same time with unlimited resources and no time crunch . Unfortunately this doesn’t happen in the real world . Most of us struggle to allocate resources to more pressing requirements . Imagine you are a company where majority of your revenue comes from ecommerce portal . A major spending priority in this case will be to ensure visibility on the platforms and participating in the portal led sales promotions , which will drive enough traffic to the page.

The other ways to increase visibility is to keep your social media pages up to date and find innovative and low cost ways to keep engaging you’re your fans . A good way to do keep the engagement going is to have contest around various products and such. Nothing gets twitterati more moving than the idead of a good deal or a freebie.

Contest create a air of instant gratification with a whiff of freebies . works well when you want to announce something new and fresh like a new product launch !!

Well these were the easy things to do. We still have a long way to go if you have to consider , blogs , white papers and all other source of content dissemination. These are your primary sources of Information for a customer or a potential client so it becomes imperative to have the best solution description and applicability data or infographics available for download. This also helps in inviting people to sign up for your newsletter or updates and gives you a database of filtered clients to work on.

Its very important to not forget content marketing. Afterall you to make sure the best possible explanation of your product / service is available , otherwise who will ever waste time in trying to understand and decipher technical jargon , while maybe your competitor has already taken heed to this and done some work .

Lets face it we only love kim kardashian coz she dresses up even when she just stepping out to grab a quick coffee . Imagine if she was dressed like the rest of mere mortals in sweatpants !! we would have found someone else to follow around and judge!

But before this turns into a lesson in fashion , to conclude , there are a lot of platforms available to promote your business digitally and every few days a new shiny bauble will come around and promise you miracles , maybe it will work maybe it wont . But the key here is to keep trying , Stay invested in digital and keep experimenting. You will soon across your sweet spot.

So till then find an expert and get Digital !!!


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